Nitya Bellani

Think indifferent

Apple, an American multinational technology company, currently holds the title of the world's largest company by market capitalization as of March 2023. Apple is renowned for its groundbreaking innovations, sophisticated design, and commitment to simplicity, branding itself as synonymous with genius. The company has introduced some of the most revolutionary products and iconic advertising campaigns. Their timeless slogan, 'Think Different,' remains an undisputed masterpiece. However, beneath this burgeoning technological and creative giant lies a growing threat to our environment.In recent years, Apple has been vocal about its environmentally conscious initiatives, climate pledges, and efforts to reduce its overall carbon footprint. Yet, the reality differs significantly from these claims. Nearly 70% of the company's carbon emissions stem solely from manufacturing processes. The production of the iPhone alone significantly contributes to its negative climate impact even before it enters the manufacturing phase. The extraction of materials such as cobalt and lithium, which are essential components of electronic devices, exacts a severe toll on the environment. Numerous reports over the years have highlighted these alarming statistics, and despite Apple's continued rhetoric about its commitment to environmental responsibility, the actual environmental impact remains far from the green image they portray.The Apple advertisement draws inspiration from the company's remarkable campaigns and slogans but adds a twist. Rather than selling an idealized image, it reflects a harsh reality. Depicting Apple as decayed and rotten, with worms thriving on it, symbolizes a focus on profit over peace. The advertisment reflects on the old taglines in realtime and light, and introduces the new slogan, 'Think Indifferent.'
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