Tasha Dougé

This Land Is OUR Land aka Justice

Frustrated by the failure of some people to acknowledge the Black contribution, this piece speaks to a holistic depiction of the country’s foundation and an homage to those enslaved Africans and their descendants. She is 5' x 3' made of synthetic hair weaved into braids, stitched on to chicken wire and the stars replaced with cotton. Brown stripes represent the spectrum of Black and Brown people and their descendants. Grey stripes represent the years of oppression that started in the past and bleed into our present day. The black box represents the racist experience of specific to this land. Cotton has replaced the stars as a reminder that is was a leading export and one of the crops picked by the enslaved Africans. The American flag being the ultimate symbol of capitalism, this work also addresses the oppressive system of capitalism through the billion dollar hair industry and the prison- industrial complex. Whether buying hair to conform to European ideals of beauty or the purchase of African hair, that money boosts the economy, but rarely funnels its way back into the Black community. Additionally, with prisons being private, the US economy is benefiting from the placement of Black and Brown bodies in the prison system. Overall, she is a reckoning for truths that have been suppressed and whitewashed for far too long.
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