Joann Thomas

Treasure vs Trash dump: The duality of our beaches

7 years.We have 7 years until climate change is no longer reversible and the Earth along with Humanity is damned. In my picture, I displayed a picture of our ocean just off the coast of Rancho Palos Verdes. This was the only beach that barely had any trash on it. The ONLY beach. The fact that a beach that does not resemble a trash dump is considered an anomaly is egregious and simply pathetic. We as humans and ultimately citizens of Earth need to step up our game and fast! The text says ‘ You know what they say: One man’s treasure is another’s trash dump’. This is a spin on a common phrase “One man’s trash is another’s treasure,”. I wanted to expose how poorly we treat our beaches, likening them to a trash dump in order to instill a feeling or anger and incredulousness in the viewer. This will hopefully prompt them to really think about the damage that has been dealt to our beaches.
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