Lisa DiFilippo

Untitled by Taylor Kingsley, 17 (she/her)

I am in pursuit of women's rights, and I am using the slogan "I Have Say." The image was taken in the late 1930s during my Great Grandfather and mother’s engagement. I picked I Have Say because you can read it as Say, I Have, or I Have Say. I wanted the option because both could refer to either person. The word “say” is placed on top of my Great Grandmother's dress, which is there to show her “say,” and by the word “say” colored in a dark brown, it allows the word to pop without overpowering the entire image. I flipped the word and aligned the A from “have” and “say” together and made it look symmetrical and eye-pleasing. I hope that the viewer will take away the feeling of the power that women have.
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