Magda Izzeth Segoviano Ortegaa

Vacunas para todos

This pandemic has been akin to a war in which the generational logic has been inverted: we, the young, have stayed mostly safe while our parents and grandparents fight and die on the frontline. And if the battle against covid-19 is a war, then vaccines, a massive international joint effort both in development and production, must be the way to peace. Sadly, both vaccine nationalism and inequality have severely undermined the capacity of less wealthy countries to vaccinate their population. The ✌ sign in my art stands for victory (against the virus, but also and against greed) and for peace, which can only truly be achieved when all people at risk everywhere - not just in countries who can afford vaccines - are immunised. No one is safe until we are all safe. I dedicate this art to my late father, Ignacio Segoviano, an essential worker and my essential human being, who fell on the frontline.
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