Carolina Guardado


This photograph was taken in Morelos ,Mexico during a funeral. This photograph shouldn't only give the viewer sad vibes, but instead you can see many landscapes and colors that may or may not mean something. Notice that the individuals are not all dressed in black like a usual or common funeral, this shows a different culture or traditions that others may have. The theme I chose for the photograph is "Life" or in Spanish "Vida", I chose this because when one life ends another life always begin. What sparked this idea was looking at the baby, because that is my uncles daughter. My uncle passed away and left behind his 1 year old baby. The baby's life is just beginning, and she has a whole life ahead of her. There is also plenty of life in this picture for example the beautiful flowers that are being paced on the tomb and placed as d├ęcor. Also the life of elders and young adults' in the photograph. The sun set gives the image more color and light, it makes the tree pop and the mountains you see in the distance. You don't see the pain in each individuals faces but you don't see happiness either. Their is just "Vida".
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