Emily Reichenstein

War by Joshua Asturias

I have been thinking about Vietnam a lot lately. The United States of America is known for its far superior military. However not only is the United States known for its firepower, but also for its countless and needless involvements in foergin affairs. With that being said, after seeing the tension between the United States and other countries such as Iran, China, and North Korea lately, I have been wondering if the United States will be facing any new needless wars. In the photograph you can see an American G.I. being treated by medics a few yards from his helmet, surrounded by a napalm burned jungle. Why yes, in this war the Americans had no need to be involved in Vietnamese politics but they were, and well the American G.I. was most likely drafted was forced to fight a rich man’s war but I highly doubt he wanted to. I chose this quote to go with the photograph because at the end of the day whether the Americans were “wrong” and the North Vietnamese were “right”, at the end of the day people still needlessly died. I may LOVE military machinery like tanks, jets, battleships, but I wish the world would just learn to love each other, like with racism, it doesn't matter who the other person is, we are all human and need to love and accept each other. But the sad truth is that in today’s world, the only way to keep the peace is to be prepared for war. Hopefully not with our generation. -Joshua Asturias
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