Pearle Macht

We are all Human

I chose to make a poster about women's rights. I chose to make a poster about women’s rights because women are people too. They may not be as stereotypically tough, or strong as men can be but woman can be just as tough. Woman deserve every right a man does. If a man gets a job and a woman gets the same job, she should get the equal pay. If a male can have a gun, so should a woman. It was only 100 years ago in 1920 that women could vote. It should have been the same day that men could vote that women could vote too The quote “Women's rights are human rights” means that every that a human has, so should a woman. Woman can be just as successful as men. 49.6% of the world is female, nearly half of the human population is made up of women. The future is female and, soon there will be perfectly equal pay for both genders and there will be women leaders, leading everywhere. Woman will fight and fight until we get what we deserve. Women are the reason why men are alive, they start the lives of the “successful men.” They do the biggest job alive, give birth!
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