Gemma Macht

We Got this

I chose to make a poster about COVID-19 because we need to bring peace, bring joy, and bring hope to this pandemic. People are dying, people are struggling and the United States Of America can’t pull it together, the next step for our country is to cure the virus and support others. The USA needs to bring hope back into peoples mind, WE GOT THIS. The people of the United States Of America need to re-unite and fight this together. The meaning of the phrase “We got this” means that; it’s too late to give up, so we need to keep trying and we need to stay hopeful. Nurses are working days and nights endlessly for others, they have become super heroes. The regular people walking streets, without a mask, not social distancing are putting others in danger, they need to lead by example. Instead of not wearing a mask maybe wear a mask and then bring one extra for someone on the street without one. Simple things can make a massive difference in this time and age. People need to be more empathetic for the people that are in pain and the front-line workers, otherwise, we don’t got this and the amazing country that we once knew won’t be back for a while.
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