Chelsea Velasco

Where Are The Children

Where Are the Children? can be interpreted in many ways. However, the main message I want people to understand is the missing child in this photo. The photo contains an adorable stuffed animal, one that a young child may walk around clutching tightly in their hands. The toy seems as if it has been dropped by a child, maye left behind accidentally. The point is, no child seems to be holding this abandoned toy, which leaves us to ask, where is the child(ren)? The child could be in the comfort of their own home, in the back of a stanger’s van, under the clutches of a controlling guardian, or even alone in the woods. These children, all situated in different areas, may be somewhere where they need help, we just don’t know it. A child is in the process of learning and developing, and we need to be there for when they get stuck. The future of society is in the hands of the children we raise today, how they are cared for at their early stages in life being the factor that determines their future, as well as the futures of others. Essentially, I want to bring light to every child in the world, the ones being abused, the ones being neglected, and the ones who need a lending hand. We need to know where the children of the world are, and help them get through the stuggles of life as humans.
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