Emily Reichenstein

Why are You Crying by Brianna Robins

My project is about Children’s Emotions. Some Parents don’t realize about the things they say to children sometimes. I’m not talking about the phrase “No you can’t have that toy”, “Eat your veggies” or “You’re grounded”. I’m talking about phrase that you should never tell a child, “I wish I never had you”, “You are worth nothing”, “I’ll give you something to really cry about”, “I’m going to kill you”, “I don’t love you”,or “Kill yourself”. As someone who has been told these phrases, it doesn’t feel good. We always talk about physical abuse to a child but what about emotional abuse. As children grow up they either learn that it is ok to say these words to another or to their future children or as they grow older they will get used to this and may not have any emotions at all. My picture shows a child crying because, of course after one of these phrases are said, the child will cry. The text “Why are you (not) crying” comes from another phrase that is said to children. But I added the “not” because it refers to to what I said that later on children who get older, might know what emotions are and may never cry again. -Brianna Robins
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