Lauren Karle

Why haven’t we learned?

I am in pursuit of Equal Rights. This is important to me because this situation is still happening in the world that we live in and it hasn’t changed for a while. At first I was looking for pictures of equal rights protest and something that represented people standing up for it but then I found a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. giving a speech in black and white and I just loved the way the light shined on him. This made me look at the picture deeper and I had to save the picture. When I put it as one of my favorite pictures for my classmates to look at it, they gave me more feedback on whether it was a strong piece or not. When it came to my text I already had a visual on what I wanted to say but I just couldn’t find the right and short words for it. So I went to my teacher for a little inspiration and she gave me amazing ideas but also allowed me to put what I wanted to say into it as well. It all came together in the end though.
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