Gemma Macht

Women’s rights are equal rights

I chose to make a poster about women's equality. For many years people have doubted women because of stereotypes, women constantly have to be reminded that they should cook or clean instead of fight, or stand up. I think that this is wrong, women and men should be equal in everything, equal healthcare, equal pay, and unit as one. Being a woman comes with so many amazing features, being able to create a human, being able to stand up, being a good role model for others and so much more. Her ability to do anything shouldn’t be doubted. Because a woman 200 years ago didn’t think they had to chance to fight doesn't mean that's still the reality. People need to get out of the past and live in the future. The phrase in the picture has a meaning of that sometimes people think that a women's job is to raise the family, cook, clean...etc... But, in reality, a woman can do those tasks but she can also have a job, make a living, and stand up for herself. Women should have been able to vote the same day men did, but instead, people didn’t believe that women were as good as men! Women are strong, and so are men. Let's normalize that a woman can stand up for herself.
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