Aleia Ali

WORK, Then and Now

This image represents HARD WORK. My Parents, they were once cooks in pursuit of becoming Chefs, so they went to culinary school, studied, applied for so many jobs, worked hard, faced so many challenges and all so that they could make their way to The Top, gaining Experience, learning how to make new dishes, new recipes, Memorizing new and different techniques conquering so much and just generally getting better, this was and is their passion and they have earned their titles as Chefs. Now they face more obstacles, no longer working and no longer cooking for hundreds of people or training other chefs how to make certain dishes, they are simply home, making this fine cuisine for their family as they always have but even more now. And at home they don’t have all the utensils and ingredients that they did at their jobs but they are doing a lot with what they have. For example, wow, you should have seen what was on the menu for Thanksgiving, they worked so hard, with the little that they had and made Stuffing, A turkey, sweet yams, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, roasted green beans, Brussel sprouts and potatoes, tang pie, biscuits, gravy, roast beef,bread pudding, and I’m probably forgetting some dishes At That! And All this food that was made, was enough to serve 20 people! Not to mention the sometimes super simple, sometimes super Extravagant meals that I am so blessed to be able to have them make for me and the rest of my family to enjoy everyday. I can sincerely say that every meal, has been made with love, and the purest of heart.💖
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