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Since launching in 2007, the certified minority and women owned business, JPD Studio, has grown into a full-service branding and web development/design agency, driven by a team of award-winning creatives and producers, serving some of the world's largest brands and mission driven organizations.

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Power To The Polls

The Power to the Polls campaign is meant to keep the momentum from the Women’s March going all the way to the voting booth. In 2018, during their voter registration tour, the Women’s March organizers partnered up with Amplifier to create artwork encouraging civic engagement. We held an open call for submissions from female and nonbinary-identifying artists in the United States and received over 3,000 entries. Fifty of those pieces, selected by a 12-person committee, are currently being distributed as free art giveaways, ad takeovers, and wheat and paste campaigns nationwide. Our goal is to encourage people to exercise their right to vote and elect representatives who will stand up for them.
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